Why Choose PT Waste Collection?

We always meet all waste disposal requirements

Small vans, huge vans, and trucks are among our clearance vehicles. We can assist you with any amount of garbage that has to be removed. Your trash collection needs are always met by us.

Taking care of your property is a priority

While working on your property, we treat it with the utmost respect. Our expert team will remove your garbage with care and leave the area tidy as soon as it is collected.

We are eco-friendly

We are an environmentally conscious company. We take the strategy of recycling as much of the garbage as soon as possible. We recycle ethically and conduct background checks on any third-party recyclers.

Balanced prices and obvious quotes

We give prices based on the amount of rubbish we collect from your property, where it’s stored, and how close we can park to it. Our rates and pricing are also reasonable and competitive.

We are based in London

We are a London rubbish removal company. You will profit from this whether you need same-day service or a regularly scheduled pick-up. Our personnel is quite knowledgeable about the area and recycling locations. We can also go to your location promptly.

PT Waste Collection does not collect Hazardous waste.

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