Commercial Waste Disposal In London

Office clearance, WEEE clearance, Events clearance, Construction rubbish clearance, Wait  and Load, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, clearance.

PT Waste Collection does not collect Hazardous waste.

Paints contains chemical, such as solvents and metals that can contaminate groundwater if send to landfill.

Asbestos are naturally occurring minerals which are present in the environment. Breathing in high quantity of asbestos fibres can increase you chance of getting an asbestos related disease.

  • Fluorescent tubes/lamps contain small amount of mercury, which in high levels can be very dangerous to your health.
  • Some smoke/ heat sensors contain a small amount of Radium  and Americium
  • Solvents, pesticides, oils/car oil/
  • Chemicals such as brake fluids or print toner.

PT Waste Collection cover all London postcodes for rubbish removal, house and office clearance.

For future information about where we cover or our clearance service in London call us 07813462 299
or email us

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