House clearance service

We’re licenced to remove all types of domestic waste from houses in London, whether you’re decluttering, carrying out renovation, or simply getting rid of your garbage. Fitted kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture may all be removed. Our service is prompt, efficient, and dependable. PT Waste Collection does not collect Hazardous waste.

Builders’ clearance service

    We are authorised by the Environment Agency to remove, transport, and dispose of all garbage from construction sites throughout London. With cheap costs and professional two-person teams, we provide a speedy, efficient, and responsible builders’ waste clearance service. PT Waste Collection does not collect Hazardous waste.

Garden rubbish clearance

Our well-trained and well-equipped personnel provide a quick, dependable, and neat service. Maintaining a beautiful garden takes a lot of effort and might result in a lot of bulky garbage. And getting rid of that garbage might be time-consuming. PT Waste Collection does not collect Hazardous waste.

Why Choose PT Waste Collection?

We always meet all waste disposal requirements Small vans, huge vans, and trucks are among our clearance vehicles. We can assist you with any amount of garbage that has to be removed. Your trash collection needs are always met by us. Taking care of your property is a priority While working on your property, we...

What Our Clients Say

“PTWC  provides a very personal touch with all their customers and have a friendly workforce that all work in unison to provide the highest level of service possible. We have never had any problems; the waste collections are always when specified and have provided us with extra bins at our busier times.” Carol Tomason “PTWC...

Commercial Waste Disposal In London

Office clearance, WEEE clearance, Events clearance, Construction rubbish clearance, Wait  and Load, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, clearance. PT Waste Collection does not collect Hazardous waste. Paints contains chemical, such as solvents and metals that can contaminate groundwater if send to landfill. Asbestos are naturally occurring minerals which are present in the environment. Breathing in high quantity...


Pricing 2024   We offer free quote over the phone or email, but we cannot guarantee the price until we see the amount of junk and rubbish you have. When we arrive at your premises we will give you an exact price for all the  work. Your are under no obligation. On site pricing. The...

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